.mercato di Rialto


Il mercato di Rialto, Venezia.

Well, you have to know that as much as I like to take photos of food, of what I’m eating, of ingredients, I feel like a stupid when I’m doing it. So I try to steal the photo as quickly as possible and, if I’m in a restaurant to hide away the camera or if I’m out to run away. I know: madness.
I have to put a stop to all this paranoia, I know but… ufff…


Love, Alessia


2 thoughts on “.mercato di Rialto

  1. Ah I visited this market when I was in Venice! Beautiful.

    I also try to steal my photos as quickly as possible in restaurants! Especially in Paris, where people rarely take photos of their meals in restaurants hehe.. it can be so awkward to pull out your giant camera! 😉

    • It’s so nice to know I’m not alone XD
      Here in Italy too people are not used to see people taking photos of their meal and sometimes they even watch you with a disappointing face!
      aaaah, food is not just good, it’s even beautiful and I want to celebrate it with a photo 😀

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