.indian food

Indian food
Indian food

Indian food.
It was his birthday and he wanted to try indian food, and so we did!
It was good, but most of all, it was interesting πŸ˜€



5 thoughts on “.indian food

    • i think it’s like all the ethnic cuisines, at first you have to get used to its strange and unusual tastes and then you find yourself addicted to it πŸ˜€
      now i’m just waiting for our next indian lunch!

    • sono della stessa idea! solo nei posti giusti e soprattutto, solo se sai cosa ordinare XD
      la prima volta, completamente alla cieca, abbiamo preso cose a caso e non mi era piaciuto… stavolta eravamo preparati grazie a internet e alle recensioni di tripadvisor πŸ˜€

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