angolino: literally ‘little corner’ but personally I use it as ‘pretty little special place’. And this corner of the restaurant was in my opinion the perfect spot. 😀

Have a lovely week-end!


.beautiful mess


Beautiful mess.

It was only last sunday I was sharing this photo on instagram about the mess on my table with magazines, cables, cups while I was checking on my MacBook the latest photos of the day spent at Tre Cime di Lavaredo and now… now the news is the mac is at the Apple Care because without any warning the webcam stopped working. Caput! Died! Ciao!

Hoping for a quick come back…

Love, Alessia

.cloudy day hike

monte grappa
monte grappa
monte grappa
monte grappa
monte grappa
monte grappa

Cloudy day hike.

We were determined to have a hike that day and I badly wanted to walk through the snow, so even though it was a cloudy and gloomy day we headed to Mount Grappa (the nearest mountaing to our house, in case the weather wanted to turn even worse, you know…)
We walked for 3hours, had pic-nic sit on a guard rail barely visible for all the snow, had a snowball fight and when we restarted walking, at just 1km far from Cima Grappa (the top of the mountain) a couple of girls that were walking as fast as possible in the opposite direction warned us that at the top it was snowing and a thick fog was growing… Ugh! Double ugh!
We turned, we walked back, had a hot tea at the restaurant where we found a park and promised to try againg on a better weather day 😀