During our holiday in Austria the weather has been awful, rain rain and rain.
We went there hoping for long walks, hiking peaks and breathtaking panoramas but we just spent time in shops, malls and our hotel room…
Only on our last day, while we were driving back home, we have had sun so we stopped at the Minimondus in Klagenfurt and enjoyed the day.


.weekly project

10249331_216053185270604_644736163_n Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset dreaming about furniture and furnishings and Happy Easter!

Dreaming of a new home.

Life has been busy lately, but in a good way!
Me and my boyfriend, during spring time, started searching for an apartment where to start our living together and at the beginning of october we will be officially owner of our first home! I’m thrilled! I can’t wait!
Meanwhile I’m buying magazines about interiors, decors, house tips and tricks and marking everything I like. I’m surfing websites and saving images on my pinterest like a crazy. I’m dragging my boyfriend to all kind of home shops: Ikea, Maison du Monde, Zara home, (just to name the globally known…). And when I visit a friend I scan her house looking for those great ideas that only who already is living by herself know. Oooohw ❤

Well, all this premise was because the searching took away all our free time we used to spent on little trips and photography and my new-year-resolution-photography-project from weekly became random…

Here are 4 took this summer about my new constant thought.

Love, Alessia